Update on launch on book 2

The e-book is available now and has been for 8 days. The print book should have been on sale from the 6th but some idiot [me] didn’t enable it with the distributors and therefore it hasn’t been available. Having only just realized what a stupid mistake I’d made I have now corrected it, and as soon as the OK to sell the book filters through to the book sites and they update, it will be available. Sorry if this has been a confusion for any one. It certainly was with me when I searched the sites and couldn’t find anyone selling book 2 in print. This is a classic for me when it comes to doing anything on line that requires even a modicum of IT skills. Best wishes to everyone.

4 thoughts on “Update on launch on book 2”

  1. It was a pleasure meeting you at Felixstowe Book Festival. I read the first chapter of Fish Bone Alley and flew through it. I’m currently reading for some writers in World Indie Warrior (on Facebook and Instagram) but I I’ll get back to your novel soon. Its not my usual read but I’ll be writing a blog post soon about FBF Events and giving a shout out to you. X


    1. Thank you Ally. It was also a pleasure to meet you. Obviously FBA isn’t for everyone but I hope you enjoy it. I’m still waiting for a few people who love the stories, especially book two, to send me feed back and need to politely chase them up. I shall periodically go onto your site to see where your going. Kind regards x

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      1. Thanks Dave. I’m sure I will. I was going to suggest you join World Indie Warriors on FB (they support indie authors with info on marketing & promo and other useful advice). I’ve also found Pagon Malcom insightful. She runs Paperback Kingdom and Happily Ever Author on FB. I’ll also be keeping my eye on how your author career progresses too x


  2. Thank you Ally. I have a massive problem in that when it comes to IT I’m lost in space, a kind of IT blindness, and need Melissa, my eldest daughter, to help me, but she’s currently hiding out somewhere to escape the parent: Help, i can’t do it. Shall get there in the end. Noted your advice and will look into it. Thank you. Take care.


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