Bullington Castle

If I had the tech’ skills to publish book 3 by myself it would have been on sale months ago, but, as I have the tech’ skills of a three year old [debatable] I had to engage those who knew what they were doing.

To cut a long story short, the print book my daughter Melissa formatted for me was fine, it was the Kindle and e-book that held everything up until I finally engaged ‘liberwriters’ a professional team of lovely people who sorted me out very quickly. Assuming nothing else goes wrong the book will be uploaded in a couple of weeks and on sale by the end of September, or there about. I will keep you informed.

I have kept busy by entering a couple of short stories into prestigious competitions, a twist in the tale and a horror along with writing book 4, The Dirty Duck Inn. Progress has been a bit slow as I have been distracted so much I lost momentum for several weeks.

Anyway, don’t let them get to you, avoid men in white coats carrying straight jackets and don’t accept rosy apples from little old ladies. Keep smiling and safe.

Best wishes to the world and his dog.

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