Where am I now.

Have entered two short horror stories in the Olga Sinclair open short story competition via the Norwich Writers Circle. In Denial and The Coca Fly. Am also gearing up to enter The UK Lyrics competition for September with at least three Country and Westerns, a sad love song for a female singer and maybe a couple of other ballads.

Meanwhile I am plodding on with book 3 in the Fish Bone series, Bullington Castle, which is one full length story. Set in Cornwall the story centers around the eccentric Bullington family. The detectives are sent down there to try and find out who is trying to bump off Lord Percival Bullington. I have already written two thirds of the story along with a rough draft for the remainder with the intention of publishing it for Christmas, all being well. More on this later.

Reviews are very important for writers, they help us to hone and improve on our work while encouraging us to keep going. I would appreciate it if you can find the time to add to my reviews, on this site and or on your favorite book site, ETC. Thank you and best wishes.

Update on launch on book 2

The e-book is available now and has been for 8 days. The print book should have been on sale from the 6th but some idiot [me] didn’t enable it with the distributors and therefore it hasn’t been available. Having only just realized what a stupid mistake I’d made I have now corrected it, and as soon as the OK to sell the book filters through to the book sites and they update, it will be available. Sorry if this has been a confusion for any one. It certainly was with me when I searched the sites and couldn’t find anyone selling book 2 in print. This is a classic for me when it comes to doing anything on line that requires even a modicum of IT skills. Best wishes to everyone.

Launching Book 2

F B A book 2 has been excepted by the distributors after a few hiccups. On sale for the print book from 6th June 2019 and the 10th June 2019 for the e-book. Will paste on the synopsis plus a good few pages for a free read before then as soon as I can get some help doing it. Best wishes to everyone.

Fish Bone Alley book 2

Book 2 has been formatted ready for printing and also for the e-book version.

The next stage is to put in the meta data with the distributors and set a date for release.

Meanwhile I am a good third of the way through writing book 3: Bullington Castle, which is set in Cornwall and revolves around a family of seriously eccentric aristocrats. I will tell you more later on once book 2 is up and running.

Fish Bone Book 2

The cover, the spine and the back page of the second book have been put to together by my daughter Melissa. The art work designed again by Steve Royce Griffin. I am in the process of writing the blurb for the back page having already written the synopsis for the two novella length + stories: Jack the Flasher and The Blue Diamond.

The stories are very different with Jack the Flasher, set just before Christmas, centering around the rich and privileged in the more affluent areas of London. There are a wealth of eccentric characters in the tale who seem hell bent on disrupting the detectives investigations to cover up who exactly Jack is.

While Jack the Flasher is a crazy but light, feel good,tale, The Blue Diamond is very dark and sinister without compromising on the comedy aspect. Brutal and bizarre murders occur within this tale. The story travels across London and incorporates the good, the bad and the truly evil.

Book 2, with free reads, will be ready to publish, we estimate, within the next two months by which time it will be spring in England. Hooray!