You Found Me!

So, what am I offering? One thing’s for sure I’m not offering a brilliant website because I’m useless at it and can’t afford to pay someone else to do it for me. What I am offering are stories that really are very different. If you love off the wall comedy, strong characters, Victorian detectives along with great plots and aren’t fussed about over the top flowery writing with no real story then you’ve come to the right place.

Fish Bone Alley: Books one, two and three reflect my own character. Apart from what’s really important in life I don’t take the rest that seriously. Life is for living and taking every opportunity you can to enjoy yourself while striving to do the best for those you love and care for. I have always had the ability to put a smile on an unhappy face, young and old, which pleases me so much.

Brought up on Monty Python, Tom Sharp, Spike Milligan and P G Wodehouse, just to name a few, combined with some of the greatest detective authors past and present , all inspired the creation of Fish Bone Alley. You can read parts from book one, two and three on this site to see if it’s for you. Best wishes to the world. David F Burrows.

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