More of me and Fish Bone Alley

Dad as childI was brought up to believe that providing you had a roof over your head, a full belly, were loved, and had washed behind your ears, life was pretty good, even if you didn’t have much materialistically. So long as you could laugh, look on the bright side and make the best of everything you were practically home and dry. For entertainment as kids we had a TV of sorts, colour by the time I was about ten. TV was brilliant but I preferred reading books, often having as many as five on the go at once from factual history to fiction in several genres. Heroic tales, mysteries, westerns and anything that made me laugh; especially P G Wodehouse. All helped me to escape into many different worlds while feeding my emotions.

Love and laughter are very important to me as I believe we all want to love, be loved, and enjoy a good laugh. Love and laughter are also spiritual healers that lift you up thus empowering your psyche to face the world with more confidence.

The Fish Bone Alley Series was written with the primary intention of making the reader laugh. But that isn’t all it offers. A wealth of characters frequents these off the wall tales, from lovable rogues to loathsome rogues, the poor to the rich, the young to the old. Drama, suspense, intrigue, murder, mayhem and naughty bits are all woven together in a web of pure black humour that is very different from anything you’ve read before. It isn’t always easy to escape for even a short time from the trials and tribulations of everyday life to instantly unwind, relax and enjoy. Allow my addictive tales to assist you. Designed for easy reading, they will exhilarate you, make you smile and even laugh out loud while still allowing you to join in on the chase: Who killed who and why? What’s going to happen next? Can I solve the crime before I get to the end of the story?

Detectives Potter and Head will take you with them into the vibrant madness of Victorian London, through the chaos of the slum areas to the very different world of the rich and privileged. Wherever you are you’ll often find that very little is as it seems. If the detective’s callous indifference to life and death are judgmental you’ll realise that this is how those who operate in extreme occupations cope with what they have to face on a daily basis rather than allow their true feelings to emotionally crush them.As D. I. Potter quotes: ‘It doesn’t pay to feel sorry for anyone here, because while you feel sorry for one, another will pick your pocket or knock you unconscious and strip you bare.’

I enjoy a good glass of wine but I adore a good book, which in truth works out a lot cheaper, lasts a lot longer, and can be kept forever and reread for no additional charge. So please support your story tellers before they become an endangered species.

Good luck and front up to your demons with a smile unless confronted by that escaped lunatic bricklayer whose armed with a drill and believes he is a dentist on a quest to fill every tooth in the world with builder’s cement, and is currently headed your way.

2 thoughts on “More of me and Fish Bone Alley”

  1. David. I really enjoyed your first Fish Bone Alley back and I am keen to read the next. I also remember reading some short stories of yours last year that your daughter bought into work one day. One in particular has always stayed in my mind about the two soldiers in WW1. Keep on writting I love your use of words and the pictures you draw in my mind. Jenny Rew. Thanks for the signed first copy.


    1. Thank you Jenny it’s good to hear from you. I’m up to my neck in stuff and struggling to keep up. Melissa my eldest daughter is getting book 2 of FBA ready and it should be ready in a couple of months. Thank you again, best wishes Dave.


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