Christmas blog 2018

Christmas greetings to all and a special greeting to both of my followers.

Writing blogs can be very challenging. What do you write about? Have you anything worth saying? If you’re an expert on the love life of a frog you would be expected to have extensive knowledge on the subject to pass on to all those followers who are obsessed with the love life of frogs. Your followers would be eternally grateful to you for pointing out and explaining all those facts that have alluded them over the years, despite endless hours of clandestine spying missions on ponds while armed with a camera, a pair of binoculars and a note book and pen while wearing a green wax jacket and floppy hat so they might blend into the background.

If your followers background doesn’t have suitable flora,you, being an expert, may suggest they take a billboard with a picture of a wood on it wherever they go to fool the frogs. Failing that you could advise your followers to just go for it and hope the frogs don’t click that it’s not a tree creeping up on them while they’re in the throes of passion.

I hope this made you smile. This silly little passage popped up in my head and I thought I’d share it and explain why I put it on. One of the most often asked questions to a fiction writer is ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ Usually a single thought pops up in your head that could have been generated from anything at all. Fish Bone Alley popped up in my head two years ago and I thought that it would make a good title for a book. I then reasoned it sounded like a seedy place in Victorian London. Perhaps I could write a Victorian set crime novel? Great, except I’d be competing in a well-established genre already mastered by a host of authors past and present. As a new old kid on the block I needed something different, something I could put my own stamp on. Why not combine a Ripper Street style of story with black humour? From that I began to develop characters and scenarios to build foundations. The rest is imagination.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

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