Why do we do what we do? Shouldn’t I be taking it easy at my age instead of spending hours at a desk writing?

I believe that retirement is a two edged sword [excuse the cliché]. Yes it’s great to be free from having to go to work, but if you have nothing much to occupy you, especially in the winter, you could easily become a coach potato and start to decay.

So I write. I write because I love it even though it is often frustrating, exhausting and lonely. But, once you become your characters you are lost in another world that is real and vibrant and you live your own imagination.

I suppose you could say I’m an insomniac, but I rarely toss and turn or lose it and can lay awake for hours, free of frustration, discomfort and anxiety by escaping into other worlds that relax me, excite me, puzzle and enthrall me.

I’ve discovered over the years that the more you dream while awake the more vivid and real are those dreams. The message I’m sending out is the more you refuse to allow insomnia to control your mind the less it will bother you and you’ll find your bed, instead of a dread, becoming a vehicle that will transport you over the oceans, through the forests, above the clouds to anywhere you wish to go.

It takes time and practice to drift into a dream state, but once you do you’ll find an incredible world that will at least temporarily shut out all that’s not so good in your life, helping you to face the world that bit stronger the following day.

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