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Anyone visiting this site needs to know they can read books 1-2 and 3 in any order, as apart from the main characters: D.I. Potter and D.S. Heads continuing progression in their home-life very little is carried over to the following book.

Book 1 is eight stories, stories 1 and 2 are short while those that follow are much longer, from over 9,000 words to over 16,000 words. The majority of the stories are set in and around the slums and more affluent areas of Victorian London with one set in rural Essex and one in rural Suffolk. They could only have been written by a nut case.

Book 2 is two full length stories: Jack The Flasher is pure comedy and intrigue and centers around the disappearance of a young aristocrat. The Blue Diamond is much darker with several bizarre murders committed by someone who is seriously warped. Both are set in and around London.

Book 3; Bullington Castle, is set in rural Cornwall and centers around the attempted murders of the vile Lord Percival Bullington. The comedy swings between the light to the very dark and is very much a who done it?

All my stories are outrageously funny and often quite brutal with a wealth of characters from the poor to the wealthy, the naïve, clever, eccentric, plum mad, sex mad, good, bad or just plain evil. Not for the easily offended and very much for adults.

Please support your struggling authors by buying their books and writing a review.

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