I’ve been hit with a lack of inspiration since Christmas, along with a touch of writers block, something I rarely suffer from, and even then only temporarily.

Having knocked up several blogs since February, I’ve put them all into the ‘needs more work box’ and plodded on with Fish bone Alley 4, which is behind schedule. I’m still on the first draft when I should be on the second. However, I have been sidetracked with serious updating of the garden which has involved a lot of work. I’m also honing in several song lyrics for the UK International song contest which launched this month.

People inspire my off the wall sense of humor and the lack of normal interaction with family and friends has left a void in my creative flow, which I blame on the alien invasion of Covid-19, my wife’s moaning about the cold weather, next doors cat for messing on the lawn, the lawn itself for not growing properly and a huge seagull, which at first I thought was a rare plane, soaring overhead while I was having a smoke in the garden and dumping it’s load on my left ear.

On the bright side, thousands of tadpoles have again hatched in our water feature. When I say again, they are of course new tadpoles and not last years re-hatching. The water feature is just four feet square and ten inches deep, but had been invaded by frogs since next door was sold just over a year ago to a young couple with a small child, who understandably filled in the two ponds that were there, leaving a large frog population to illegally emigrate to our garden and take up residence for the breeding period, resulting in an amphibious orgy of heaven knows how many pleasure seeking, sex mad croakers.

We will of course have to move the tadpoles to proper ponds as there are too many to survive in our feature. it would be like expecting the population of a small town to live and thrive in a bath tub.

That’s all for now. Keep smiling and stay calm.

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